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'Traditional Roast'

We supply an experienced comedians to host your friends 'Roast'

You will need to supply us lots of information about your friend and we will do the rest.

You can pay online however we will need you to contact us first on 0845 60 66 647 so we can discuss the options available in terms of dates and times.

We can even book a suitable location to hold this event for you, in some cases this may increase the cost slightly.

So there you have it... The best Stag Night event that will provide a lifetime of memories.

And its 100% certain to be the event the 'Roastee' will not forget.. Ever !

'Corporate Roast'

Corporate events & retirement parties. Please call us directly about these on 0485 60 66 647 and we will discuss your requirements over the phone

This option is only available by calling us directly and cannot be purchased online

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Comedy Roast

We will need you to supply us information about the roastee - perhaps some photos or memorabilia as well

If you are sending us originals through the post, please ensure that you send it via a secure method as we cannot guarantee items in transit, email is such a safer way to send these things through.

All the comedians and presenters who operate our roasts are experienced comedians who are all working in the UK at his time..

We won’t be able to guarantee in advance who we will send to you - but we can be 100% certain that the type of comedian or presenter who arrives with you - will be perfect for the ensuing roasting.